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Get 1 free can on each order!
Get 1 free can on each order!

Ace Superwhite Extreme Cool Slim Strong 18 mg/g

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€4,85 - €4,85
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Type Superwhite
Slim white portion
Flavour Mint
Nicotine 18 mg/g

 This is... Ace SuperWhite Extreme Cool! A strong and balanced blend of peppermint and coolness. The characteristic taste of mint mixed with coolness offers an intense taste experience. The slim and discreet nicotine pouches from the all-white segment offer you a long-lasting release of nicotine and taste. Just put it under your lip and let the kick take care of you! Ace's sachets are served in a cylindrical tin making it super easy to open. If you like the Ace SuperWhite family. Don't miss to try its siblings Eucalyptus and Cool Mint!